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American lawyer in Canada

Discussion in 'Working in Canada' started by Magnolias, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Magnolias

    Magnolias New Member

    What are the chances of becoming a lawyer in Canada if one is practicing law in the USA? What are the requirements? How long does it usually take for American lawyers to get permission to practice law in Canada?
  2. Queenie

    Queenie New Member

    From what I've read, some credits from a Canadian law school would be required, as well as passing the bar exam in whichever province you intend to practice. I'm not sure how long the whole process would take.
  3. Magnolias

    Magnolias New Member

    Thank you for replying, Queenie. I have a friend who wants to move to her fiance to Canada, but she's worried she won't be able to work as a lawyer there. But she's hard-working, so I think there's a fair chance she can pass the bar again.
  4. Panusa

    Panusa Administrator Staff Member

    Most likely the individual will have to attend law school, and then article for one year, and then pass the provincial bar exam. It won't be easy. There may be opportunities to continue to practice the law in her jurisdiction depending on the area of law. For example, an American immigration lawyer may be able to practice in Canada advising only on US immigration matters. However, there are other work permit / permanent residence issues to consider aside from practicing law.
  5. Magnolias

    Magnolias New Member

    Thank you for clarification, Panusa. Do you think it would influence my friend's chances if she and her Canadian fiance got married? Would her eight years of law practice experience be a positive factor, possibly quickening the process? My understanding is that the requirements are determined on an individual basis?

    Another thing: would it be easier for her to transition to a slightly related field? Like maybe real estate, teaching, paralegal, law/financial advisor?

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