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American Father, Canadian Child - Need Help

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jinshira, Dec 8, 2015.

  1. Jinshira

    Jinshira New Member


    I'm desperately seeking some assistance with my very 'grey' situation in life. I've been staying in Canada for almost 3 years visiting some very spiritual people. During these 3 years, their daughter and I took a liking to each other as friends and then later on something more serious. In that time our relationship began to deteriorate and we got pregnant. Last year we had a son.

    Due to my working online I could support myself in Canada during these years. At the time my son was born I was given an opportunity to increase job security and income if I went back to the states for some training. As hard as it was to leave my newborn, I decided it would be better for our future- especially since me and his mother were seperating (never married just common law).

    After about 4 months in the states I have come back to be a great father this year since March. He lives with his mother as primary care giver and I send child support every month (not thru courts just general agreement). Now my job has become unstable and flaky at best- no matter how hard I try I cannot seem to salvage it.

    My question is what can someone like me do in this sort of situation? I obviously cannot support myself or my son without a job, I cannot work in Canada, which means I will have to go back to America and never be able to see my son again. I am in true need of some guidance on what it is I can do. I've researched a lot but I can't find anything that relates to my specific situation. I just want to be a dad- even if it means working at Wal-Mart or McDonalds, it would better than saying goodbye to my only child. Please help~
  2. Jinshira

    Jinshira New Member

    I will also note that I've been applying for extensions to stay (extended visas) while I've been here. I was never an overstay and always went thru the legal system. I've been approved every time with no hassles from CIC. Right now I have an application pending.

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