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Discussion in 'Visiting Canada' started by fishybear, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. fishybear

    fishybear New Member

    my common law wife applied for a visa to visit me in Canada.
    I made a huge error and said that we would get married when she comes to Canada, in the letter of invitation.

    Her application was refused, my mla inquired and got the following information regarding her being refused..

    No travel history
    - No proof of income/funds to support trip. Such as bank information, letter from employer, etc. even if you are paying for everything she must demonstrate that she can afford the trip, hotel, foods on her own if it was a regular trip abroad.

    - No employment evidence.

    - In the application she stated she is visiting family and her common law partner. Some way/reason they were informed she was coming to Canada to marry her common law partner.

    - They denied based on the fact of dual intent, as her intent was not only to visit but to marry a Canadian. In CIC’s eyes it means she will not return home, by coming as a visitor and marrying you this will give her more of a reason to stay.

    She has now gotten a new letter from her employer stating she can take 2 weeks holiday.
    she has also gotten 6 months statements from her bank accout and her 2 credit cards
    her income is average for mexico, 6000 pesos/but small compared to Canada.
    she got a copy of lease agreement which shows her name of lease for rental of apartment that she lives in with her mom and dad.
    She cares for her dad but isn't able to get a doctor to give her a letter, they state they are afraid of legal matters.


  2. fishybear

    fishybear New Member

    I tried to email your company numerous times but email failed.......

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