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    1. Sakib1bd
      I want to apply in SINP program. But I am
      confused in which way I will apply for SINP visa? Which way is the best for SINP visa and which way I will get most possibilities to get SINP visa. Should I apply through expree entry or should I apply directly in Occupation in Demand program for SINP visa?
    2. Prerana
      Hello, I had an urgent question about the correct NOC Code that would apply to me for a PR application. I am a lawyer from India with work experience in an investment bank as a contracts legal analyst. The employment criteria under 4112 states that I need a Bar Council exam certificate but I do not have that as it was not mandatory in India for my job, should I go ahead with this NOC? Or it would amount to a problem?
    3. Shaista
      I need some information about immigration if I apply for all my family at once,can I and my kids come to our own country back for some time until immigration process is done,or its compulsory for a whole family to stay in Canada for a certain time period?
    4. bouremani
      Hello . How do I want to immigrate to Canada Ways and means
    5. PANTAN
      Hello..I am on VV living in Canada with husband and applied open work permit online. File got rejected due to. My spouse does not falls into NOC skill levels however he does fall into B category.Documents Uploaded:: a) IMM5710 & IMM5257 b) Digital Photo c) Marriage Certificate d) Letter Of Explanation e) Passport. Really confused now. Should I go for paper based or apply online again. Pls advise urgently.
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    6. PANTAN
      Hi.I am on VV in Canada with husband and applied open work permit online. File got rejected by CIC as my spouse does not fall into NOC skill levels however he does falls in B category.Documents Uploaded:: a) IMM5710 & IMM5257 b) Photo c) Marriage Certificate d) Letter Of Explanation e) Passport. Really confused!! Should I go for paper based or apply online again. Pls advise asap.
    7. Shumaila khan
      Shumaila khan
      Hello.. I got orders of inadmissible due to marriage of convineance when I landed in 2008.. after the divorce I got remarriage 6 years back have 3 kids well settle in ontario runny a bussiness.. my ex complain abt me that I didn't stay although he him self refused to live... I need to know how to proceed. And the consequences. .
    8. Shumaila khan
      Shumaila khan
      Hello I need info regarding inadmissible issue ..
    9. harpreet singh
      harpreet singh

      In this month i will receive medical request from VO.
      My wife is around 3. 5 months pregnant & delivery around 20th Oct15,which i have declared to CIC .
      Does it delay or stop my application process OR its normal to get visa & deliver baby in canada.
      Or at first i will be asked to immigrate becuase i am principal applicant & later wife can join with baby from india??
    10. Laila
      my husband got 2yrs jail bcoz of serious sexual assault. After that immigratioin sent a removal ordered .immigration gave five yrs stay which is going to finish on 6th august 2015. But immigration ll reconsider his case again on 1st feb 2016. He has taken refugee.when he can sponsor me as a spouse,will immigration will deport aftr 1st feb 2016,wat ll happen in this case normally?
    11. Mina
      hey is their any email on which you can be reached ?
    12. Syed Nasser Ahmed
      Syed Nasser Ahmed

      Is there are any place where I can find out when the Immigration forms are going to change ?
      Kind of a plan or schedule ?

      Thanks in advance.
      Best Regards.
    13. Ken
      If I applied under the federal skilled worker program and lost my job what will happen with my immigration process ?
    14. Row
      sir can I show my joint account of fixed deposit with my spouse as a proof of funds or it should be in the name of applicant or single spouse account is also consider for proof of funds.
    15. Maya 72
      Maya 72
      Maya I and my family has a permanent resident card, but we have been in Canada only for 1 month. Card is going to be expired on October 2015. If any chances we can renew them. Thank you
    16. Smitha
      My Husband has got a temporary work permit visa and doing his fellowship from this month . Should I and my kids(minor) apply for temporary visa? Where can i apply for the visa online? If i apply for a temporary visa for us is it possible for my children to do schooling in Canada with a temporary visa?
    17. Farhina Ibrahim
      Farhina Ibrahim
      Hi, I had TB in my childhood which was treated and fully cured.I am 36 yrs now and have no active TB however possess some spots of old and cured disease. These spots can be seen through a chest xray. Will this throw me away from getting a Canadian immigration???
    18. Casandra
      I am applying for a permanent residency in Canada and my husband needs to comply with his Police Clearance in other country . Unfortunately that country (Republic of Palau) is not responding to his request. What will I do ? He has Hepatitis B, is he admissible to enter Canada and be qualified to get Permanent Residency? Am I be deported because of his medical condition? Please be advise.

      Thank you,
    19. Pete Hampson
      Pete Hampson
      Hi There,
      I am a UK citizen (Born 17/01/1960) and work abroad most of the year, I have an old criminal record me delays in entering Canada, On my last visit (23rd thru to 25th April 2014) the agent who kindly helped me with a waiver suggest that in future I contact the Canadian Embassy to pre arrange my Waiver.
      Please Advise
      Peter Hampson
    20. Tej
      I want to apply my pr application, While preparing that i need your advice, I am married but currently my divorce is going on in India, I am not able to provide the details of my wife and photographs. I don't want to include my wife and son in the PR application. Could you suggest me how I can handle that situation.

      Thanks & Regards
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