Video Tutorial: Supplementary Information Your Travels IMM5562

Here’s another addition to my video tutorials that cover immigration form completion. As always, you should complete these forms in accordance with CIC instruction guides. As well, forms do change over time so check to see if there is... Read More

Video Tutorial: Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union IMM5409

The Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union Form Number IMM5409 is typically used in spousal sponsorship applications where the applicants are not married. A common-law couple must have lived together for at least one year, and also have intermingled financial... Read More

Video Tutorial: Application for a Temporary Resident Visa Made Outside of Canada IMM 5257

In this video, I discuss completing the Application for a Temporary Resident Visa form. This application is required for individuals who wish to visit Canada and who are from one of these countries.  If you are from one the... Read More

Thinking of Moving to BC? Take a Video Tour

British Columbia is a popular destination for both immigrants and other Canadians. It has a lot to offer. The lower mainland (Vancouver and the surrounding cities) and Vancouver Island offer the mildest climate in the country. Rarely do they... Read More

Video Tutorial: Fees for Immigration Services IMM5310

This tutorial is on the Fees for Immigration Services form IMM5310.  Although the form appears fairly straightforward, it is important to get the fee correct.  The $200 fee is for less serious offences, and the $1000 fee is for... Read More

Video Tutorial: Separation Declaration For Minors Travelling From Non-Accompanying Parent IMM5604

If you’ve ever tried to cross the border into Canada (or try to get through customs) with a child where both custodial parents are not present, then you know the need for this form. The Canadian Border Services Agency... Read More

Video Tutorial: Additional Family Information Form IMM5406

This form is used in many applications, from sponsorships to federal skilled worker applications and others. Although this form is a short one-pager, from my experience, it causes endless grief for applicants as it is very easy to make... Read More

Video Tutorial: Sponsor Questionnaire IMM5540

This form is used for an “out of Canada” sponsorship of a spouse, common law partner, or conjugal partner.  This form is completed by the Canadian sponsor. The “out of Canada” process is typically where the sponsored person remains... Read More

Video Tutorial: Sponsored Spouse/Partner Questionnaire IMM5490

This form is used for sponsoring a spouse, common law partner or conjugal partner for Canadian permanent residence. This form is of course completed by the person being sponsored (not the person doing the sponsoring). As well, this form... Read More

Video Tutorial: Application to Sponsor, Sponsorship Agreement and Undertaking IMM1344

This video highlights some of the more confusing sections of the Application to Sponsor, Sponsorship Agreement and Undertaking IMM1344 application form from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This form is not only used for spousal sponsorships, but other sponsorships as... Read More