Immigration ContactYou don’t have to fill out any forms to talk to us.

Just send us an email. In your email, it would be helpful if you included the following information:

  • Your reason for immigrating to Canada
  • Your current citizenship and place of residence
  • Your education, skills and brief work history
  • Your family status
  • Your proficiency with English and French

After that, we’ll discuss your case with you and probably ask you a few more questions. We prefer an ongoing dialogue with our potential clients in order to really get a firm understanding of their unique circumstances.

This way, we can start to formulate the best legal approach for a successful Canada immigration application. Our clients also prefer an ongoing dialogue rather than just filling out forms that don’t let them explain their situation personally.

In order to begin we’ll ask you to complete an agreement and payment will be due after we complete the first phase of our work – no retainer payments are required.

After that, we’ll email you our customized forms to complete, and you’ll email them back to us. We’ll use that information to complete our documents, create lists of supporting documents you’ll need and so forth. We’ll submit the application on your behalf and deal with Citizenship and Immigration Canada as your representative.

Email us at [email protected] and let’s get started.


If you decide to hire us as your lawyer, you’ll be able to pay our fees by Visa, Mastercard, Bank Draft, Cheque, or  direct wire transfer from your bank to ours.

We also accept Paypal payments (below).