Investor Program

Investor Category May Not Re-Open

I’ve been following the discussions and debates around the investor program since it opened for a short thirty minutes last July before it closed again after reaching its 700 application cap.  Although many expected the program to re-open to... Read More

The Adewusi Case: Due Process and Medical Conditions

I’m going to discuss the case of Adewusi v. Canada (Citizenship and Immigration) decided January 19, 2012 at the Federal Court of Canada. This case illustrates that applicants can be successful at the court level when CIC does not... Read More

What Should The New Investor Program Look Like?

A commentary in on of Canada’s national newspapers – The National Post – argues the case that Canada’s new investor program should cost investors a lot more than the previous one. As readers of this blog may know, the... Read More

Warning About Using Credit Cards for Canada Immigration Applications

Typically you have the option to use a credit card to pay your Canada immigration application fees.  Various forms provide space for your credit card number, expiry date, signature and so forth. There is a risk to your application... Read More

Big Changes to the BC Provincial Nominee Program

As you may know, an alternative to immigrating to Canada through the Federal programs (such as the Skilled Worker Program, the Investor Program, the Entrepreneur Program, and so forth) is to “fast-track” through a provincial nominee program.  In essence,... Read More

Canada is the best country in the world for business

As many of you may have seen, Canada is consistently ranked as the top (or one of the top) countries in which to live in the world.  Our standard of living, peaceful society, universal health care and education, and... Read More

Canada’s Federal Investor Program Suspended

There have been many changes in Canada’s immigration program this summer. A significant one is that the Federal Investor Class immigration stream has been suspended. This stream allowed high net worth individuals with business experience to make a signficant... Read More

The Future of Canada Immigration

I felt is was important to post the entire speech given by the Hon. Jason Kenney, our Minister responsible for immigration. This speech outlines Canada’s approach to immigration now and in the coming years. If you are a potential... Read More

New Application Process

There is a new, simplified application process coming for permanent resident economic class applicants (i.e., skilled workers, investors, entrepreneurs) that is supposed to begin September 1, 2006. Under this process, a simplified application form (plus application fees) will be... Read More

Investors and Capital Gains

Investor applicants for permanent residence take note: section 128.1 of the Canada Income Tax Act can provide substantial tax relief but it can also cause tax headaches once you become resident in Canada. Section 128.1 deems a new resident... Read More