Immigration Rules

Canada Work Permits

Well over 100,000 temporary work permits are issued every year, and thousands more work in Canada without a work permit. In this page, we will explore who does – and who does not – require a work permit, and the steps to take if a work permit is necessary. No Work Permit Required Every year, […]

Visitors Visas

Each year, many thousands of people enter Canada as tourists, to travel and see this great country, to visit friends and relatives, or to decide if they wish to immigrate permanently. Do You Require A Visitor Visa? Every year, many foreign nationals visit Canada without a visitor visa, or more accurately, a “temporary resident visa.” […]

Student Visas

Each year, thousands of students enter Canada to study in a variety of programs.  Young people arrive with their parents to study at grade or secondary school.  Individuals arrive to learn English or French.  Post-secondary students arrive to pursue a diploma or degree in one of our many highly rated colleges or universities. Studying in […]

Skilled Workers

-This page will discuss the requirements of the aspects of the Federal Skilled Worker program. Point System The Federal Skilled Worker program is based on a point system.  An applicant much reach a total of 67 points in order to qualify based on scores in each category to be discussed. Here is an overview of […]

Spousal Sponsorship

Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor spouses, parents, children and others for permanent residence.  This method to enter Canada is superior to many others as the foreign applicant does not have to meet stringent education, work experience or language qualifications as they would as a skilled worker, for example. This section will address sponsorship of […]

Provincial Programs

In order to address highly-skilled labour needs in different provinces, there are special provincial programs designed to bring foreign individuals with specific skills into the province quickly, often within a few months (versus two years or more through the normal immigration process). Depending on the province in which you wish to reside, you may or […]

Canada Experience

The Canada Experience Class is a special immigration category for individuals with work experience in Canada under a valid permit or program.  It does not apply to individuals intending to reside in Quebec. Advantages of this Category The Canada Experience Class is a very straightforward category.  There are no points assessed.  It is a pass […]

Business and Investment

Canada seeks to promote economic growth and opportunity by attracting individuals who can contribute financially to our economy. You may qualify as a business class immigrant in one way: as a self-employed individual. Investor category The government announced that it will terminate the investor program.  All current applications will not be processed.  If you have applied […]


This page will discuss the self-employed stream.  You should note that this stream is limited to certain individuals and it is not appropriate for most people seeking to enter Canada. Who Can Qualify Under the Self-Employed Stream? There are only three classes of people who can qualify to enter Canada as self-employed: 1) Self-employment in […]

Parent Sponsorship

As of January 2, 2014, CIC has re-opened the parent and grandparent sponsorship stream.  However, at this time, only 5,000 applications will be accepted in 2014. Sponsor Requirements Sponsors must be 18 years old or older and be a citizen or permanent resident.  As well, sponsors must live in Canada (you can not sponsor a […]