Canada Work Permit

Labour Market Opinion is now a Labour Market Impact Assessment

If you are planning to work in Canada as a temporary foreign worker, you typically need an employer who is willing to hire you.  That employer must also be willing to apply to the government to show that it is difficult... Read More

No more foreign workers for fast food sector

The Government of Canada just announced that there is an immediate moratorium on foreign worker applications in the fast food sector for all provinces. Why did this happen? There will be a full review of the program after several... Read More

How a Job Offer In Canada Can Lead to Permanent Residence

In the last few years, there’s been a shift in the immigration system towards favoring those individuals with either work experience or a job offer when granting permanent residence. In this post, I’ll discuss how a job offer in... Read More

How Your Dependent Child Can Get An Open Work Permit

Recently, an individual contacted me who was quite upset.  She and her husband and her nineteen year old son are in Alberta.  They are from a foreign country and the husband is working in Alberta on a work permit... Read More

Working in Canada Just Got Tougher: Changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program Coming

As I’ve mentioned in the past, if you want to immigrate to Canada and you qualify, you should begin the process immediately, as rules seem to change often these days, and it seems increasingly more difficult to qualify. Following... Read More

Bridging Open Work Permits

I’ve received a lot of questions about bridging open work permits so I thought I’d take the opportunity  to address them here. As I’ve written in this blog previously, Canada is moving towards having Canadian work experience prior to... Read More

How Long Can You Work In Canada As A Temporary Worker?

In this post, I’ll discuss Citizenship and Immigration Canada rules on how long you can work in Canada as a temporary worker. Four year limit In general, a worker is limited to four years of cumulative work in Canada... Read More

Changes Coming to the Immigration System

There are big changes coming to the immigration system that will offer Canada as destination to individuals who until now have not had the oportunity to immigrate to Canada. New Trades Stream The Minister responsible for immigration announced that... Read More

International Experience Canada Visas – Are They For You?

In this post I’m going to discuss international experience Canada visas (also known as “working holiday visas”) and why you should consider them in your plans to move to Canada, either temporarily or permanently. What are International Experience Canada... Read More

No Application Fee For Temporary Resident Permit

Citizenship and Immigration Canada recently announced a waiver of application fees for temporary resident permits. Just to put things in context, a temporary resident permit is required for individuals who are not admissible to Canada due to a criminal... Read More