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Open Work Permit for Spouse (Philippines)

Discussion in 'Working in Canada' started by Ford, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. Ford

    Ford New Member


    My wife went to Squamish, BC last April 2014 as a Temporary Worker (with working visa valid up to 2 years) and since I am also employed or has a job in our home country (Philippines), I did not joined her TFW (Temporary Foreign Worker) application. Although I noticed in her application that there is a box to be marked if the spouse "will be accompanying" the applicant, and we ticked-mark "not accompanying".

    With that, I am thinking that if I will be applying for an Open Work Permit (as my wife's derivative), would that taint my OWP application? As originally, I did not joined my wife's TFW application. I have now thought that I should have joined her application by submitting the application form together (TFW for my wife and OWP for me). Although, I can not go back to that moment and my only choice is to apply for my own OWP.

    In addition to the information given, I have also applied for a Visitor's Visa (TRV) last June 2014 and I was refused based on ties. To give more information, my wife went to Canada as a TFW last April 2014, and we were married May 2011 (been married for more than 3 years), still has no kids/dependents, and I am currently employed here in our home country (Philippines).

    Now, I am thinking that aside from the fact that I was refused for a TRV (my plan was to visit her, but it looks like I would not be able to do so, which resulted in my thinking that in order to join my wife, I should then have my OWP).

    Would it be easier that I apply for an OWP? If so, given the refusal for TRV (based on ties), what do you suggest I do with my OWP? Is there anything else or any kind of document that I need to include to support my application or make my application stronger? Since having been refused a TRV (Visitor's visa), would that taint my OWP application?

    Also, would it matter if I used an immigration consultant? Will it also make my OWP App stronger?

    Thank you for taking time reading my letter, hoping for your kind reply.
  2. Panusa

    Panusa Administrator Staff Member

    You should go ahead and make an OWP application. Just because you said you wouldn't join her in the initial application, does not prevent you from applying now. Did you include the fact that your wife was working in Canada when you made the TRV application? I'm surprised it was denied.

    A professional will nearly always give you a better chance of success, as we work in the system day in and day out, and we know what evidence and submissions work, and which ones don't.

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