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Discussion in 'Federal Skilled Worker' started by Qasim Sethi, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. Qasim Sethi

    Qasim Sethi New Member

    I want to inquire about degree attestation procedure. My Bachelors degree is from Pakistan and the education body for attestation in Pakistan is HEC. My degree and transcript has been attested and in a sealed signed and stamped envelope . I am seeking your guidance on below two questions.
    My Masters degree is from England and you may know that the transcript offered by European institutes are by using the online digitary system which is helpful for verification as well. I can take printouts as well as assign to specific email for viewing and printing. What can i do for this about attestation and also about Official record request form?

    My second question is that do we need to send documents via university as well because my bachelor degree has already been attested by HEC and is enclosed in a sealed envelope. Shall i still need to ask both of my universities to submit the Official record request form. Adding further, for my UK degree, I am currently in Pakistan and it is very difficult for anybody to arrange official record request from UK. I am confused what to do, please guide me regarding my queries at your earliest.

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