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Fake signs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ronny0132, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. Ronny0132

    Ronny0132 New Member

    Hello friends,. I really need help. I was in relation with a gal since last 10 years. She wanted to go canada in 2010 so I mortgaged my house and arrange her college fees and all expenses. We got married in 2011 in India while she came to india on vacation. We planed to start our life in canada. I was still in India. Since last 6 months she behaved odd to me than I came to know that she is living with some other guy. She applied her provincial pr with married status. I was not aware of it. She use my document for that application and also did my fake signs in two application forms for SINP. As soon as she got her sinp approval in May 2014 she applied for pr as separated status. Again I came to know after two days she applied. We r still not legally divorced or separated. She submitted one notary in application saying that she is separated from me and separation proses is going on. There is no any legal proses going on. She is keep lieing to me as well as CIC. How can I report this to sinp department about fake signs?? Is it too late for sinp department to cancel her approval? I reported to CBSA but they are so slow...
  2. I this you should contact with Saskatchewan Canada Immigration.
  3. Ellie123

    Ellie123 New Member

    yes, write whole this story and send it to Canadian immigration or you can also call them.

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