Canada Citizenship

Did you know you can apply for citizenship with less than 1095 days physical presence?

As a permanent resident, the general rule to apply for Canadian citizenship is to have 1,095 days of physical presence in Canada in the previous 4 years. If you meet that test, great. But what if you were out... Read More

Citizenship and Birth Tourism

Changes to Canada’s immigration law are now happening at an astonishing rate as compared to previous years. Just recently, the Minister for Immigration announced that he may be revising rules around citizenship to curtail what is called “birth tourism”.... Read More

Citizenship Oath Now Requires Women to Remove All Face Coverings

Recently, the Minister of Immigration produced a directive (OB 359) requiring all face coverings to be removed when an individual takes the Canadian oath of citizenship. This directive is aimed primarily at muslim women who wear a hijab or... Read More

Long lost citizen?

Were you born in Canada or brought up in Canada as a child? You may be a long lost citizen and eligible to re-establish your citizenship if: You were once a Canadian citizen You have become a permanent resident... Read More