Be Careful If You Volunteer in Canada Without a Work Permit

I’ve been approached numerous times by visitors in Canada asking whether they can volunteer or not without a work permit.  Sometimes these scenarios involve a barter for services or goods (but not money). It’s a very bad idea in... Read More

7 Keys To Getting A NAFTA Work Permit As a Professional

Did you know that certain professionals can work in Canada under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)? They can do so without going through the normal requirement of obtaining a labour market opinion that most other temporary workers... Read More

More Changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Since the foreign worker scandals at RBC and at HD Mining in BC,  the federal government has been scrambling to make changes to the program and eliminate so-called “loopholes” in the previous program that have garnered so much media attention. So... Read More

Is David Suzuki Right About Canadian Immigration Policies?

There have been a number of media stories lately covering David Suzuki’s critical comments on Canada’s immigration system, and in particular, policies that have been put in place under our current government. For those who may not know, David Suzuki... Read More

Spousal Sponsors Must Provide “Adequate Care and Support” For Foreign Spouses

For many individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada, there are minimum income or asset requirements that will determine whether an applicant is successful or not.  These requirements are quite apart from the educational, work experience, language and other... Read More

How Your Dependent Child Can Get An Open Work Permit

Recently, an individual contacted me who was quite upset.  She and her husband and her nineteen year old son are in Alberta.  They are from a foreign country and the husband is working in Alberta on a work permit... Read More

Finally! The Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Program Will Re-Open – But With A Twist

As many of you are painfully aware, the sponsorship program for parents and grandparents has been suspended since November 2011. That’s right – since 2011 Citizenship and Immigration Canada have not been accepting sponsorship applications from citizens or permanent... Read More

Working in Canada Just Got Tougher: Changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program Coming

As I’ve mentioned in the past, if you want to immigrate to Canada and you qualify, you should begin the process immediately, as rules seem to change often these days, and it seems increasingly more difficult to qualify. Following... Read More

New Federal Skilled Worker Guidelines Released

As you may know, the Federal Skilled Worker Program has been suspended since July 1, 2012 (except for arranged employment applications and those under the PhD. class).  Today, CIC announced that the program will commence on May 4, 2013. It is... Read More

Video Tutorial: Supplementary Information Your Travels IMM5562

Here’s another addition to my video tutorials that cover immigration form completion. As always, you should complete these forms in accordance with CIC instruction guides. As well, forms do change over time so check to see if there is... Read More