Is Your Child Over 18? Better Apply Before January 1, 2014

As of January 1, 2014, dependents of applicants under any immigration program – sponsorship, federal skilled worker, Canada Experience Class, and so forth – will be limited to 18 years of age. This is a drop of the age... Read More

Important Changes to the Canadian Experience Class

On November 9th, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) announced new changes to the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). As you may know from reading this blog, the CEC is open to individuals with 12 months of work experience in Canada, in a... Read More

Do You Know About The 4 Year Maximum Rule For Working in Canada?

For those who want to work temporarily in Canada, there is a 4 year maximum (cumulative duration) rule.  This means you can only work in Canada for a total period of 4 years. When you reach that 4 year... Read More

How To Maintain Permanent Residence While Living Overseas

It happens all the time.  An individual goes through the long (and sometimes painful) process of getting permanent residence. But then life happens, things change, and the new permanent resident has to move home to take care of family,... Read More

Visa Officer Strike Is Over

After dragging on for months – finally – the six month rotating strike of visa officers at Canadian consulates is over.  The battle was mainly over higher wages and the government struck a deal with visa officers for a higher... Read More

Biometrics Are Here For Some Temporary Residents

CIC has now introduced biometrics into the immigration system.  Biometrics are high tech methods to identify individuals.  They measure characteristics such as fingerprints and facial features which are placed into a computer for easy and accurate identification. Why are... Read More

Be Careful If You Volunteer in Canada Without a Work Permit

I’ve been approached numerous times by visitors in Canada asking whether they can volunteer or not without a work permit.  Sometimes these scenarios involve a barter for services or goods (but not money). It’s a very bad idea in... Read More

7 Keys To Getting A NAFTA Work Permit As a Professional

Did you know that certain professionals can work in Canada under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)? They can do so without going through the normal requirement of obtaining a labour market opinion that most other temporary workers... Read More

More Changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Since the foreign worker scandals at RBC and at HD Mining in BC,  the federal government has been scrambling to make changes to the program and eliminate so-called “loopholes” in the previous program that have garnered so much media attention. So... Read More

Is David Suzuki Right About Canadian Immigration Policies?

There have been a number of media stories lately covering David Suzuki’s critical comments on Canada’s immigration system, and in particular, policies that have been put in place under our current government. For those who may not know, David Suzuki... Read More