Overview of the new study permit rules

Thousands of foreign students enter Canada every year to study at one of hundreds of colleges or universities. It’s a smart move.  Not only do you get to experience Canadian culture, but it can set you up for a... Read More

Labour Market Opinion is now a Labour Market Impact Assessment

If you are planning to work in Canada as a temporary foreign worker, you typically need an employer who is willing to hire you.  That employer must also be willing to apply to the government to show that it is difficult... Read More

Renewing a supervisa at Vegreville

For those of you who have been issued a supervisa, you quickly realized that the promise of a 10 year entry visa was in fact a one or two year entry visa, that must be renewed. Why is this... Read More

Did you know you can apply for citizenship with less than 1095 days physical presence?

As a permanent resident, the general rule to apply for Canadian citizenship is to have 1,095 days of physical presence in Canada in the previous 4 years. If you meet that test, great. But what if you were out... Read More

Eligible occupations announced for the federal skilled worker program

If you missed out applying under the federal skilled worker program last year because your occupation reached its cap, there’s good news. CIC just announced a new list of occupations for applicants beginning May 1, 2014.  The overall cap... Read More

No more foreign workers for fast food sector

The Government of Canada just announced that there is an immediate moratorium on foreign worker applications in the fast food sector for all provinces. Why did this happen? There will be a full review of the program after several... Read More

Disagree with CIC? How to appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division

Have you applied to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and been refused?  Did you think the decision was unfair? CIC Officers are bound by the rules and regulations laid out by the Canadian government.  They are following written procedures,... Read More

Holding multiple Canadian work permits at the same time

Did you know that you can hold multiple work permits at the same time?  And why would you want to do that? Multiple work permits can provide a level of comfort for individuals working in Canada.  Suppose things go sour... Read More

Applications for In-Canada Sponsorship Now Go To Mississauga

Just a quick note – as of today, in-Canada sponsorship applications (but not including open work permit applications for in-Canada spouses for now) are filed in Mississauga, Ontario. My understanding is that open work permits will go to Vegreville... Read More

How a Job Offer In Canada Can Lead to Permanent Residence

In the last few years, there’s been a shift in the immigration system towards favoring those individuals with either work experience or a job offer when granting permanent residence. In this post, I’ll discuss how a job offer in... Read More